Our Products

You can't make a great drink without great ingredients and here at CaféCasa we make sure to use to best. A selection of our range is listed below. If you would like to find out more, please contact us on: 0345 070 4200.

CaféCasa Coffee Beans


Coinadrink is proud to announce CafeCasa. A new range of products that provide high quality, great tasting coffee and hot drinks at an affordable price.



A luxurious premium hot chocolate drink.

CaféCasa Paper Cups


High Quality Paper Cups Paper cups have several advantages over traditional plastic vending cups. They look better, feel better, keep your drink hot without burning your fingers and are easy to recycle.



Superior Granulated Skimmed Milk delivers an authentic quality milk that 'tastes as good as fresh'. This HVO free Skimmed Milk is virtually fat free and makes superb cappuccino and latte with a thick, creamy head. The natural taste also makes it ideal for tea and coffee.

Silver Spoon Sugar


Silver Spoon sugar is poly-packed to ensure no moisture penetrates the sugar. The durable packaging ensures that the product will withstand rigorous handling and prevents any blockages in machines.



Not only is this delicious tea 100% natural, it also helps you to focus. This is due to the naturally occurring Theanine, that when combined with the other good properties of tea, helps you to be relaxed yet alert.